Thanks to our portfolio of products you can enhance the treatment of many pathologies. Being athlete you can train your body more effective. Moreover, we have products specially design for specific pathologies or techniques, as: Incontinence, Ionophoresis, denerved muscle treatment, Electromyography, venous insufficiency, just to name some.

Our products are not “cheap – low quality, or low technology” products. We produce in high quantities and are able to offer a proven technology combined with high quality for a reasonable price. At the end, the product shall help the patient to achieve his rehabilitation goals. Our products are hospitality proof.

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Detailed information about the therapies you can find under the following links:

Overview of therapies and products:


We provide first class electro stimulation devices with TENS (pain treatment), EMS (sport/fitness) REHA programs up to denerved muscle treatment. We have devices with 2 or 4 channels, special devices for incontinence, inophoresis and venous insufficiency, etc.

In addition we offer EMG devices (Electromyography).

A new kind of electrotherapy is the TECAR therapy, it is a manual electrotherapy working with different electrical currents around 455 KHz, considerately enhancing the power of the therapist’s hands. This therapy is relatively new; therefore we incorporated a separate chapter explaining the therapy in detail, on our web side.

Product example : I-TECH PHYSIO Product example: combi-device EMG + Electrotherapy
p-itech-physio-2 p-itech-physio-emg-3

Example of one of our specific devices:

MIO Vein for treatment of venous insufficiency, heavy legs, recovery after sport, etc.



For bone treatment as Osteoporosis, Arthrosis, Arthritis, fracture healing

This therapy uses pulsed magnetic fields with low frequency and high intensity. Today, Magnetotherapy is widely recognized as an efficient method to heal bone and joint pathologies. It also can help for fracture healing and other pathologies. We refer to our detailed description of the various therapies.

The magnetic fields support the metabolism and hence recovery of the cells. The therapy is more efficient if used over a longer time during a treatment and if repeated frequently. For that reason an IN HOME device is favorable. Thanks to our selection of applicators this therapy can be used for all kind of the body parts.

Device and standard applicator with 3 solenoids Applicator for joints
mag2000-2 CV2S2000

Ultrasound Therapy

Ultrasound is used for pathologies within the musculoskeletal system in order to reduce pain, reduction of limestone in the joint area, inflammations of the shoulders, wrist and elbow pain, treatment of hematoma, tendinitis, muscular cramps. It is recommended for Cellulitis treatment to enhance the local blood and lymphatic flow and to reduce the so called orange skin effects.

Furthermore Ultrasound can help to penetrate oils, liposoluble vitamins (vitamin A and E) and watersoluble agents due to its effect to relax the tissue. Very good results are given in wrinkle treatment.

Ultrasound has an anti-inflammatory effect for acne treatment – the tissue is going to be regenerated, fat is removed due to the better metabolism. It has a positive effect for tissue regeneration and enhances the drainage of the lymphatic system.

IN HOME Therapy Device Combi Device Ultrasound + Electrotherapy
miosonic new kit IT UE_low

Press Therapy / Compressive Limps Therapy

The therapy reduces the symptoms of blood circulation disorders, as cold hands and legs, articular pain, tiredness and chronic fatigue, muscles pain due to lack of movement or post-accident traumas. These disorders may occur due to age, lack of exercise, or posttraumatic stress after accidents. Furthermore the therapy enforces the drainage of the extremities. Our products are thoroughly manufactured; hence the applicators have a long life span, if treated correctly.