Electrodes can be placed in various positions to achieve correct electro stimulation of the transversus abdominis. We recommend placing two electrodes where the muscle arises, one just below the bottom ribs and another a few centimeters beneath. Place the distal electrodes are placed parallel to the other pads and directly above the linea alba. We recommend a unit with four outputs, or alternatively one with enough strength to enable us to attach extensions.
The transversus abdominis muscle.

The muscle arises from inner surfaces of the cartilages of the lower six ribs, iliac crest and lumbodorsal fascia, and ends in a broad aponeurosis inserted into the linea alba.

The transverse abdominals act as a belt, helping to compress the ribs and viscera and keep them in place. Lack of strength can lead to a protruding abdomen and tendency to hyperlordosis.