Electrotherapy is very efficient; it has been used in physiotherapy for many years and physiotherapists are very critical of the quality of their equipment. They are professonal shoppers who normally assess the equipment they are going to use, as well as assess its technical characteristics, pursuing an excellent price quality relationship, as well as a good external aesthetic appearance. Without having all of the information a physiotherapist would have for buying a good muscular stimulator, there are a few main aspects to take into account:

-Type of wave; to get the best results it must be a biphasic, rectangular compensating current. As mentioned, this will mean we will not experiencie discomfort or chemical polar reactions.

– Volume, weight and usability of the equipment; we need light equipment which does not occupy much space and which is easy to use. Not having these characteristics will result in discomfort and they will also impede training in certain conditions. Needless to say, a good transport bag is also important.

-Excellent quality of the joint between the cables and the apparatus, and the same of the electrodes. Equipment which has all the best characteristics is worth nothing to us if the connectors or the conductor cable are of poor quality and will break within one month, or that do not offer an adequate contact.

-Possibility of advice at least at the start of the usage of the product. When simple doubts arise, which are easy to resolve, it is great if you can call or email a service which can advise on elemental aspects. Once the initial doubts have passed we will see that high quality equipment is maintained easily and we will not need any type of support.

-Channels; it is ideal to have four channels, though in some equipment with enough power it is enough to have two channels with duplicators, which will mean a good price saving on a good electro-stimulator. The apparatus should be easy to use, with all usage warantees, and should be usable by even those that are not an expert, so that they can assess which aspects they are going to appreciate when they start to work intensively with the electro-stimulator.