Place the electrodes according to the photograph, both proximal electrode pads are situated close the muscle origin, just below but never in the popliteal fossa. The distal electrode pads are placed on the calf muscle. We should experiment with electrode pad placement in order to achieve the desired effect.
the Gastrocnemius muscle.

The Gastrocnemius muscle function is plantar, flexing the foot at the ankle joint and has huge muscle training potential.

It has two muscle heads originating from Lateral Condyle and Medial Condyle of the femur and insert onto the posterior surface of the calcaneus.

In women who wear high heels, the calf muscle is normally shortened. Weakness in the calf muscle can lead to hyper extension of the knee, as the muscles act as a knee stabilizer, in order to avoid hyperextension in the joint.

Football, athletics, volleyball and other sports requiring intensive movement in the lower limbs and those requiring endurance for example, running, benefit greatly from electro stimulation of the calves. Neuromuscular electro stimulation of this key muscle is important for all sports.

In any sport the legs are needed, and consequently the calf muscles, a muscle group capable of generating the most amount of strength is fundamental