Place the first pair of electrodes five centimetres from the muscle origin on the gluteal aponeurosis and parallel to these a pair of distal electrodes over the gluteus muscle mass close to the insertion in the superior area of the Iliotibial band.
The gluteus medius muscle.

The muscle starts from the gluteal aponeurosis and outer surface of the ilium and inserts into the greater trochanter of the femur.

Its main function is to abduct the hip joint, and supports the pelvis when we lift the foot to walk. Weakness in the muscle produces a noticeable limp.

Electro stimulation of the gluteus maximus and medius is extremely useful, and is an area which overlooked. More often than not, more importance is given to quadriceps and abdominal muscle groups.

The gluteus maximus and medius work in conjunction to extend the leg.