There are several options for electro stimulation of this muscle, one example being the one demonstrated in the image. Place two electrode pads five centimentres apart and below the muscle origin. The next pair is placed over the anterior gluteal muscle at the insertion in the Iliotibial band.
The gluteus maximus muscle.

The muscle arises from the posterior gluteal line of the Ilium, sacrum and coccyx and inserts into iliotibial band and gluteal tubercle of the femur.

Its main function is to extend and externally rotate the leg, and it also stabilizes the straightened knee joint due to its insertion.

It is responsible for the appearance of the buttocks, indicating its great importance and ability for strength development.

It should always be included in our electro stimulation routine, and it is essential to keep the muscle trained for sports where we straighten the leg for example karate, basketball, indeed any in sport we depend on this muscle to provide us with great strength and energy in movement.

The buttocks, calves and quads shape the leg and together generate an incredible amount of strength. We move in a bipedal manner, and walk because of these muscles. Weakness in the gluteus medius muscle can lead to difficulty in gait, in turn generating instability and eventually requiring the use of crutches to be able to walk.