These are small details, but in many cases they are precisely what makes us opt to buy a neuromuscular electro-stimulator:

1.-Limbs free of unnecessary overload, charge applied at an angle at which the limb doesn’t suffer, which is the opposite to what occurs with field training.

2.-Less or no sweating, which means we can train any place, which is a huge advantage.

3.-Metal prosthesis and athletes don’t often get on well, though sometimes it occurs, so it is good to consider the advantages that these equipment have, since they can be used with prosthetics, with some precaution.

4.- The cardiac frequency is affected very slightly by this type of training, which allows elevated muscular loads with little demand on the heart. In the same way, the central nervous system is barely affected, which is an added benefit as it means there is practically no mental exhaustion during or after the exercise.