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PhysTec distributs products for therapeutic use from known and reliable producers

All suppliersare thoroughly selected and all products are proven used either on athletic sports or for rehabilitation purpose.


What therapies can we cover with our devices?

With our devices and products we cope treatments and programs for, example: Pain, muscle stimulation, ionophorese, incontinence, stability training, arthrosis, arthritis, osteoporosis, limb presstherapy, and many others.


Below a small summary of our products

IN Home TherapyT-One-physio

These products can used at home.

TENS and EMS – Electrotherapy for:

Pain (TENS), more for chronical pain – less for inflamed pathologies.
Muscle stimulation (Sport), Venous stimulation, EMG, Incontinence, Ionophoresis,
Beauty (as Cellulitis or tonification of skin).

mag2000Magnetotherapy for:

Magnetotherapy enables the cells to reestablish their natural metabolism. Since Magnetotherapy should be applied for a long time and often, it is ideal for IN HOME treatment. Our low frequency devices are especially used for bone and joint treatment as Osteoporosis, Arthrosis, Arthritis.miosonic

Ultrasound for:

Pain, inflammations, Hematoma, edemas, strains, tendinitis, cavitation treatments, Beauty as cellulitis, wrinkles, micro lifting.

Press therapy / Compressive limbs therapy for:

The therapy reduces the symptoms of blood circulation disorders, as cold hands and legs, articular pain, tiredness and chronic fatigue, muscles pain due to lack of movement or post-accident traumas.

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Professional Therapy

With our product portfolio you can support many treatments; train your body and improve you proprioception. Furthermore, we have highly specialized products in order to treat specific pathologies, as venous return, incontinence, etc.

I-TECH UE_arm_LOWOur partners are producing in high quantities and we do not waste our money in to much marketing, therefore we can offer a very good quality to price relationship. Our products are not “cheap products”; the products are used in hospitals, athletic training and top sporting clubs.


EMG / Electromyography

Ultrasound Therapy

Compressions Thrapy

Magneto Therapy

TECAR Therapy

Laser Therapy

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