Although muscular electro-stimulation is being used more and more by athlete and sports teams, it is still not often used, bearing in mind all of the parameters which cause an improvement in performance and the physical conditions of an athlete. It is certain that it is a complementary and efficient addition; it allows us the raise the load level in a very specific way, to very high intensities, and with specific objectives. All of this puts us in the position to reach another level in our physical form, which allows us to surpass ourselves, improve results and reach new maximum performance.

A physical trainer or athlete could end their training in a specific period with electro-stimulation with maximum loads and a very elevate stimulus. The problem lies in that if we have not used the electro-stimulator equipment in the previous preparation programmes, the obtained benefits will be less than those desired. Therefore, it is advisable to programme electro-stimulation training throughout the entire training period to reach the common objective of all athletes; to improve physical performance. So, we have to stress that an athlete should include electro-stimulation training in the generic, specific and competition phases, so as to obtain the maximum performance possible from neuromuscular electro-stimulation equipment.

Electro-stimulation is especially effective in the specific and competition phases because it permits intense muscular work and prevents injury. It is important that a physical trainer knows the different possibilities offered by neuromuscular training in depth, so as to be able to offer the best strategies to his or her athletes, in training as well as recovery after the effort. More and more sports trainers find electro-musculation to be effective and helpful and, therefore, dedicate more vocational training time to getting to know this equipment and its functions so as to improve the sports performance of his or her pupils.