Including the transcutaneos electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) techniques, muscular electro-stimulation has been used for a long time in physiotherapy in the assistance in working with many different pathologies. Although in this section we will speak specifically about the electro-therapy techniques which we can apply with an electro-stimulator, we will also refer to other physical therapies which are efficient in the recovery from bone, muscular, tendon and ligament pathologies.
In rehabilitation, muscular stimulation is used for treatment of various pathologies which affect the tissues which we just mentioned as, when applied correctly, electro-therapy a series of benefits on the treated area, because of its multiple possible applications. Amongst them we stress the following: increase in trophism of the area, improvement of local circulation, drainage, analgesia, decontractation, reduction in inflammation, better oxygenation of the tissues on which it is applied, and decrease in fibrous adherences. All of these benefits can be obtained easily and almost without any risk to the patient. We are going to look at the possible applications according to the various pathologies in specific cases.