Electro-stimulation has, until now, been used in this way, since in physiotherapy the aim of this type of training was to maintain the quality of the muscle and the local circulation. In good conditions conditions the patient would also do active training, as much as possible, after a surgical operation or after some other injury which would require electro-stimulation. It is possible to use EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) on sedentary people who do not partake in physical activity for any reason, such as work, illness or lack of time.

It is advisable to use this type of technique for people with limited mobility due to a pathology which impedes other types of exercise, as it maintains the muscles active and, as soon as voluntary movement is regained, the recovery will be all the quicker.

We don’t advise the use of this equipment as the only medium for improving or taking care of physical condition. It can be thought of as an alternative to inactivity if the body cannot do much voluntary physical exercise. This does not mean that this technique doesn’t work, but it should also be clarified that lies about electro-stimulation do exist, in regards to the wording sometimes used to sell low quality electro-stimulation equipment which do not meet expectations. It is disgraceful to see advertisements on television proclaiming that with 15 minutes per day someone can become an Adonis-type symbol of beauty, with amazing muscles from head to toe. This is simply not true.

Electro-stimulation works very well as a means of support in the sports world. In cases of serious pathologies it offers excellent therapeutic help, with a professional physiotherapist capable of applying and setting the programmes for the sessions with the professionalism necessary. In the health world, a physiotherapy technician, like electro-stimulation, is an important means of coming to better understand this equipment, and thus, improving results. With physiotherapists, we can improve the work in the generic training period, as well as the period of specific improvement or competition, whether to refine a specific condition or train a specific muscle group, or to experience better rest and relaxation periods which allow us to recuperate in a shorter amount of time, using the adequate programmes.