We can use electro-stimulation at the same time as doing many daily tasks. Many of our daily ‘to-do’ tasks allow us to combine the hours that we’re in our home with electro-stimulation training. In these cases, we would not try to do preparation sessions with maximum or near-maximum load, although during moments in which we remain immobile, watching the television or just resting, we could come close to near-maximum tension.
A physiotherapist could advise us to use the recovery programme for these moments. We could also comfortably use the relaxation or massage programmes, as well as the drainage programme and any other one which improves local circulation. In general we would work in the intensity range of between 30 and 40mA.

If we stop to think for a moment, we would come to the conclusion that is possible to use electro-stimulation in our home in a large number of situations, bearing in mind that we should not train with the electro-stimulator on a zone which is voluntarily active in that moment. If we are peeling potatoes, it is best not to use a agonist-antagonist programme on the biceps and triceps, and even if we are working the quadriceps and femoral biceps, we should do so at a moderate intensity. Keeping this in mind, and using common sense, we will see that we have very useful equipment at our disposition with which, while doing other tasks, can improve the condition of our abdominals, lumbars, the back muscles and, maybe above all else, the legs.

The cyclical sports actions which are practised moderately also allows us to find a way to use muscular electro-stimulators while we do moderate active exercise. It is simpler to do so at home, with a treadmill or stationary bicycle. Also, when we train at home in a risk-free environment, we can use the higher intensity programmes. Without a doubt if we were to use the electro-stimulation while on a bike ride or walking on the street, the distractions would reduce our attention without realising; in this case it would be best to only train when the risk is null or minimal, and to then use the recovery, drainage or light massage programmes.

In other sections we have stressed the time saving which is involved with electro-musculation, as well as muscular recovery after strain with an electro-musculator. Being able to use it in the previous situations which we have discussed reinforce the great time advantage which the usage of this material offers us; and the fact that it efficiently complements active training in sport and improves performance and recovery, as well as reducing the risk of injury in any sports practice.