Electro-stimulation is synonymous with an improvement in sports performance; for this reason we must keep in mind the principles we mentioned previously.

To summarise, we must remember that we want to establish a training programme with neuromuscular electro-stimulation, and follow it strictly. This programme will need to assess, at the beginning of the training with electro-stimulation, the carrying out of progressive generic training, so that the basic physical conditions, such as stamina, strength and speed, develop to the point that we can now begin intense specific training. The moment that these basic qualities have been trained to a level below the maximum level, we can go on to do high frequency or intensity training during specific or competition periods, focusing specifically and intensely on developing the quality which will allow us to be most efficient in our sport.

We will only use the specific electro-stimulation training which is most useful in our sport; even in the case of overloading, the massage and drainage programmes increase recovery after the stress. In the specific intense preparation period orientated to the next competition is when we must be more careful; the energy available is always a limited resource and, near to the competition, all of the base training work is already completed. The following considerations should be taken into account:

1.-With electro-stimulation, to achieve the most efficient results in a competition period with EMS training, we must train with the highest bearable intensities in the strength programme, with a sufficiently long rest period so that a physiological adaptation takes place before the next session.

2.-For the electro-stimulation to be effective in stamina training, we will do longer sessions with the stamina strength programme, with a load adapted and adjusted to medium, or just below maximum, training; by no means will be train with maximum intensity.

3.-For electro-stimulation and speed development we work specifically with the speed strength programme with high frequencies and maximum, or just below maximum, intensities, with a period of recovery long enough so that we are totally recovered for the next training session.

In the specific period, the training sessions will not be effective if we do not follow the correct guidelines and adapt them specifically to each sport and each athlete. Each person is unique and will obtain the best results with training adapted to their morphology, personal psychology and motor qualities. Each organism reacts differently to the strength training and to rest, to aerobic and anaerobic training, and to strength and speed training. Getting to know ourselves is a good way of improving our results, avoid injury and adapt training to, not just a table or monthly scheme, but to our own personality and character, to our energy, availability of time and personal preferences.

Just as a diet is adapted to each patient, the electro-stimulation training has to be adapted to each athlete. Each person must observe, feel and verify the obtained results, finding out what works best and when, to truly train effectively with EMS.