1.-Athletes of a national or international level and professionals in the sport world who already are familiar with this method for improving physical performance, above all for the increase in strength, speed and local circulation. They may also use it as a method for recovery after stress.
2.-Amateur athletes who often have less time to dedicate to their sport and, so, electro-stimulation is very useful for increasing muscular load, and also for recovery from fatigue.

3.-People that suffer from a reduction in muscular strength due to injury or a pathology, and that had electro-stimulation recommended to them by a physiotherapist.

4.-Sedentary people who have limited mobility and that use this technique in combination with small steps such that, bit by bit, they increase their activity.

As we see, the usage possibilities are immense, and the people that can use it do so for various different reasons. Therefore, it is important that the equipment incorporate a series of programmes which permit usage by different users.

We should forget the old machines which included thousands of programmes which basically consisted of programmes for bicep strength, tricep strength, quadricep training, as if each muscle fibre needed a different type of programme. The programmes that interest us are:

-Base strength.

-Speed strength.

-Explosive strength.



-Muscular recovery.

-Agonist and antagonist training.


TENS and rehabiliation as added elements in the programmes of the equipment make up for an ideal apparatus