It’s especially interesting to know what the objectives which we can reach with electro-stimulation are, and also what the reasons for doing so are, so we’ll go directly to the descriptions of the fundamental objectives which we set out to achieve.
Main objectives:a) Achieve a good theoretical knowledge of what neuromuscular electro-stimulation really is, and if possible, to practice with an electro-stimulator.

b) Study in depth the parameters which will allow us to obtain optimal results in the minimum amount of time.

c) Gain a broad understanding of the potential of neuromuscular training.

d) Present a practical series of neuromuscular training planning which will then allow us to elaborate our planning efficiently.

Electro-stimulation allows us to rely on a new way of improving our physical state, as much in basic fitness as well as competitive sports. In both cases electro-stimulation becomes a useful ally which allows us to improve our performance with less physical and physiological efforts, thus improving efficiency.

Sports training and the improvement of our physical aptitude have to be established on a firm physiological base, as any rise in sports performance is based unavoidably on adapting our bodies to more and more strain without resulting in danger to our health. Therefore, it is necessary to decide on the objectives and means of achieving this, and provoke the adaptive changes which increase strength and cause an improvement in performance. So, we much firstly establish the objectives and, after that, increase the training load in incrementations so as to be able to verify the results as they occur.

To help us better illustrate what we mean, nothing works better than an example. Let us assume that an amateur athlete wants to improve his or her physical performance to participate in a popular race. They have no health problems but they have not done any type of intense exercise in a while, though in the past they did intense exercise regularly. Now they are slightly overweight but are willing to put in effort so that this doesn’t become a problem. They have lost a bit of physical strength and have gained weight because they barely have enough time to dedicate to themselves.

Already having experience in training for a race, we prepare a program with the aims of competing in a determined event. We make a program involving mainly aerobic training and we set out to revise the objectives every 10 or 15 days. If the problem which had impeded our training in the past is a lack of time we will see it become the main obstacle again this time. It’s not that we don’t want to train but that on paper we have lots of time available however, there are a lot of activities and tasks which arise, alongside unavoidable compromises which seem to appear before us with a perverse, conspiring smile to impede us in our plan of action. It’s certain that the lack of time is the main problem and if we don’t keep that in mind and make a perfect theoretic plan without including it, we will be doomed to failure in the project to improve our physical condition. It will be necessary to include neuromuscular training in the program to achieve our objectives without stress and without demands for a large amount of time for our training. Also, the neuromuscular training brings a series of extra benefits:

1.- Regulation of intensity of the load perfectly adapted to the muscular tension which we find bearable.

2.- Strain without mechanical disadvantages and with less articular suffering, as well as less strain fatigue.

3.- Faster recuperation after the programmed work, as well as the use of the electro-stimulator to improve muscular relaxation.

4.- Decrease in the overwork in ligaments and tendons, therefore less risk of lesions.

5.- Possibility to train at any point in the day, including when performing other tasks.

Unfortunately people often dedicate more time and invest more money in the care and maintenance of their car than their own body. This is not due to a conscious decision, and we also have to keep in mind that our cars are invaluable in this world we live in. However, ultimately, we ourselves are our true vehicle. During youth life treats us well; everything works perfectly and our equipment takes care of itself. As the years pass by we realise that we have less and less time and, without desiring to do so, we take less and less care of our essential vehicle; our body. This leads to cutting short the quality of life as well as the length of it. If not having enough time is the problem, neuromuscular electro-stimulation is the solution. This is not to say that we should train only with the electro-stimulator; the best combination is classic training with electro-stimulation. The combination of both allows us to dedicate more time to our health.

Therefore we have to stress time as a key element. It is certain that there are other large advantages with using neuromuscular electro-stimulation; less psychological burden, less articular suffering, and efficient training, since it recruits both quick and slow fibres which would be very difficult to activate with classic training. Another fundamental element is that the electro-stimulator helps us in the recuperation process. However, what really stands out is the fact that we can be training with the electro-stimulator whilst doing other tasks.